5 Tools to Improve Pc Performance in Windows 8

With these simple tools, you can improve your pc performance in windows 8 before seen ever in your pc.

Everyone knows about windows 8 is better than all windows operating systems with several improvements in operating system like improved task manager, easy file and settings searching, windows defender antivirus protection etc.

Along with these improvements, it has some other excellent features and settings which makes your pc super-fast compared to other’s operating systems. Here I explain about 5 tools which helps you to improve pc performance.

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Steps to start performance tools:

1. Press Win+c key combination and open settings menu in charms bar. Again, select control panel in the charms bar.

2. Change view by option to large icons and select “Performance information and Tools”.

3. Now it displays a window with 5 different improvement tools.

1. Adjust visual effects:

Visual effects are an important factor in windows performance. Select Adjust visual effects in the control panel menu it opens a dialogue box with three tabs.

  • Visual effects
  • Advanced
  • Data Execution Prevention

Visual effects tab deals with all graphical settings and display settings in windows 8. Here it had three different settings are available. Choose “Adjust for best performance” to turn off all animations and graphical improvements.

If you want to enable some of them then choose custom plan to turn on desired settings and finally click on apply button to make changes.

Here “Adjust for best performance” is the best option to improve pc performance.

2. Adjust Indexing options:

This section improves your pc performance with indexing data which is available on pc. Indexing feature is useful to improve searching in windows 8 which allows us to search files and folders with rocket speed.

This will be depends upon the indexing options. After selecting “adjust indexing options”, it opens a dialogue box with appropriate settings. You can modify the indexing locations by click on modify button and check other locations which you want to include in indexing.

3. Adjust power settings:

This tool helps you to manage power settings in your pc by customizing settings with different power plans. Windows 8 by default have 3 power plans they are

  • Balance
  • Power saver
  • High Performance

You can choose any one of the above power plan based on your pc settings. Alternatively you can create your own power plan by clicking on create power plan on the left side pane.
To improve your pc performance power saver and balance power plans are good compared with high performance power plan. So choose anyone of the first two power plans.

4. Disk Cleanup:

Disk cleanup is a powerful tool to clean up waste files, temporary files and system error memory dump files, which are generated during blue screen errors.
To perform disk clean up just right click on any hard disk drive and select properties in the context menu. You can see disk cleanup option in the general tab.

Click on that to start disk cleanup process and check the necessary fields in the disk cleanup dialogue box. You can remove system files also using disk cleanup tool.

5. Advanced Tools:

In this section, you will find out lot of useful tools that are used to improve pc performance without using any other pc optimization software.

It contains the following tools

  • Performance monitor
  • Disk defragmenter
  • Resource monitor
  • System health report
  • View advanced system details

By using all these tools, you can definitely improve pc performance in windows 8.
Do you know any other optimization tricks and tips? Let us share with readers through comment form.

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